Tuesday, February 25, 2014

less then a month until I start my thru.

I'm quite positive I've never been more excited, or anxious, than I am to begin my thru hike. To step on the approach trail in Amicalola Falls State Park. To get to the top of Springer and truly start the Appalachian Trail. To see my first white blaze in person. Mentally ticking off each passing day, bringing me ever closer to what will be my life for the next five months. I've gotten a lot of "You're crazy"s and loads of "Why would you want to hike 2,000 miles?" Some don't truly understand what I'm committing to, while others doubt I'll make it half way, not to mention the summit of Katahdin (The end of the trail in Maine.) Of course I have family support, and thank them tremendously. I will greatly appreciate that jar of peanut butter I get in Virginia, I already know it. Gear wise I'm 90% ready. A few more buys/birthday gifts and I'll be set. My 21st birthday is March 6th, as for my excitement on that matter, mediocre in comparison to my longing to finally start the trail. Now If all goes well I'll be hiking with four (five counting Millie) of my best friends,  lets admit it you have to mad homies to deal with each other 24 hours a day everyday. I couldn't choose anyone else I'd want to go with. Aaron & Preston, I grew up with them both and we are all eagle scouts. We've always loved our camping trips and high adventures, even had a group of elite we created called the Rabid mongooses, initiation required you wrestle a group of Samoans to the death (or until you'd had enough) with us. Ah, great time, great times. Also joining me on the trail are my friends Ryan & Nick. Ryan's from Georgia and has hiked a bit of the AT already his dog Millie will join us as well. Nick is a friend I've met through Ryan, we've already done some practice hiking and I can tell we will get along great. As of now I'm not sure how far Aaron and Preston plan on going. I do know Ryan and Nick will go with me all the way to Harpers Ferry, VA. Well I'll wrap up my first blog post here, although it was mostly a load of nonsensical tidbits hope you enjoy.

- Arthur

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