Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Franklin NC ( Mile 109.8)

Well I'm mostly certainly alive and walking forward. I'm currently sitting in the Haven Budget Inn in Franklin, NC. It's pretty funny how low your standards of comfort can drop after being in the mountains for awhile. Typically I'd give this place one look and bounce to find another, its interesting to say the least. I'll start with the bad news, Nick now trail named Admiral Caboose, has to leave the trail and go back home to California for his great grandmothers funeral. I'm gonna miss the kid like crazy, he was my main hiking buddy. I'm too used to hiking to a spot pulling over and resting waiting for Nick to catch up so we could talk about Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, amongst other things. We mainly just quote the former two at each other, makes for a great time. Ryan who's trail name is Casper, Kylee who is Cherry Pie, and Millie are about a day ahead of me but only by about four miles so I'll catch them tomorrow. I've become a member of a large hiker bubble around 20 people who I hike with from time to time depending on our paces and camp with every night. We've all grown pretty close and its like our little family is moving down the trail. I've actually met two other redditors and they are both in my group Odysseus and Nick. Pretty crazy finding that out together haha. Trail magic! I got it twice in a two day span. First we had hotdogs, hamburgers, beers, and cookies from a former thru hiker, Breeze, and his buddies, it was just the fuel I needed to press on. The next day I got soda a sloppy Joe hotdog and fruit. I was feeling pretty good after that which is when I made my ascent up to Albert Mountain and reached my 100 miles on the AT. About 2 days ago I passed through Georgia and into North Carolina. That was an awesome experience. Last night in town was pretty crazy. Our huge group first took over a motel, then a restaurant which had Karaoke, Tang got down on some guns and roses had the whole place cheering. Then we moved on and took over a bar. Everyone was pretty drunk and a lot of us woke up hungover today lol. I had to but some new shoes while here at Outdoor 76. If your in Franklin and thru hiking I highly recommend that you stop by there, especially if you need new shoes the staff is amazing. This guy literally sat down and taught me all about my feet for around an hour. I was wearing a size 11 and now I'm in a 12.5! Plus they have a bar in there! So I was sipping on a beet getting the low down on feet. Haha my first beer was free because a guy chilling at the bar was buying thru hikers first drinks. Score! I also got a new water filter. Hiking has been amazing and I can feel my body constantly getting into better shape. We did a 20 mile day into Franklin which is pretty hardcore for the section we are hiking. I was told by the guy who gave me better shoes that I need to slow it down if I want to make it to Maine so I will. The most I'll do for now is twelve. There hasn't been much scenery change except for some small pockets where you feel like you're in the jungle. Well I'm checking out for now more updates coming soon. Check my instagram for pictured I update that more frequently. @SasquatchStalkr

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