Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mile outside Dicks Creek Gap.

A lot has happened since my last update. I don't really know where to start. From Neel gap we hiked for the entire day and were greeted by beautiful views, and big mountains to climb up and down. We set up shelter about an hour before sunlight, we just judge time out here by the position of the sun so its not completely accurate lol. That night was the worst yet we were hit by a major thunderstorm and all our gear was completely soaked. My tarp wasn't hugging my hammock so I got soaked and just sat there until first light to get up and get moving. Sucked. We all decided we should get into town and dry out our gear. So we got a shuttle to Helen. Helen is a little German like town in the middle of nowhere Georgia. Well middle of nowhere to me. We took a zero day and cruised around the awesome little city, we grabbed some German beers and I met some more thru hikers, specifically Brave who I've talked to about the AT over instagram. We all got to hangout and chat about the trail which was super cool I was stoked to meet her. As we were checking out Ryan tied Millie to a metal table outside, she moved and the sound it made spooked her so she ran away and dragged the table around with her, about ten people were I'm the lobby watching. Dying laughing. We set out from Helen and have been on the trail other than to stop in Hiawassee and resupply and get some 7$ all you can eat BBQ. :) now we will be on trail for about 3 days until Franklin. I'll probably update again there because my phone is almost dead. Tomorrow is the GA NC state line! Wish us good health and happy trails! Check my instagram for pictures. @SasquatchStalkr

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