Friday, April 4, 2014

Springer to Suches. + Approach Trail.

We got on to the approach trail late Tuesday around 6pm we hiked about 2 hours in and then set up camp. Gezi, Ryan's friend who drove up with us stayed the night and then split ways and head back to Amicalola while we set out for Springer. We hit Springer around mid afternoon stopped for a nice break and got our first trail magic, beer! Met someone who I've followed on instagram because if the AT I'm blanking on her name right now bit she has an awesome dog! We head down to Stover Creek shelter which Is 2.8 miles into the Appalachian Trail. My first shelter experince was pretty awesome meet a couple of cool guys one of which, spot, has hiked the Appalachian Trail 5 Times!! He's a beast because all of these thru hikes have been in his 60's. Crazy inspiration right there. Nick and I slept in the shelter on the top level. Ryan and Kylie slept in their hammocks. Nick swears a mouse nibbled on his finger but I think he was half way between being asleep and awake hahaha. We got up the next morning packed up our gear, got our bear bags, most shelters in Georgia have bear bags which is nice. We had a long day of hard hiking 12 miles in total. We set up camp at Justus Creek which is 14.3 miles into the AT. Really awesome location right next, what do ya know a creek. Our water filter went to crap here. Pissin me off haha luckily we have a steripen. From Justus Creek we hiked to Woody Gap were we went to our first hostel. In Suches, GA. This place is pretty awesome. Very small town not even a town really a gas station and peoples houses the hostel is a part of the gas station. Had the best burger in awhile downstairs and doing some laundry. Now I'm chillin in my bunk, gonna take a shower pretty soon here and settle down. Might eat some more lol. Tomorrow we shoot for Neel's Gap which means blood mountain. Northern Georgia is absolutely gorgeous. The most beautiful place I've been ever in my life. I highly recommend everyone check this out. Ryan just smelled another thru hikers shirt hahahaha alright guys I'm checking out for now. Good night. Oh yeah I'm three hours ahead of California here in Georgia.

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