Saturday, April 5, 2014

Woody Gap to Neel Gap.

I'm in love with the Appalachian trail. Everything about it is so unique, and inviting. You could hike this trail 100 times and something new and awesome would happen every dang time. This morning I woke up in the beautiful little town of Suches, GA population 900 ( Which I was told by the kind woman who ran the hostel and gave us a ride back to the trail.) I cut down on some weight then we head out to eat some breakfast at a barn looking establishment across the street. We walk onto the balcony to leave and see about 20 Ferraris. Really crazy, all super nice. I guess these Northern Georgia roads are really nice to cruise down, one because its beautiful, two no one to pull you over. We had breakfast scrumptious biscuts and gravy. Then got a lift to woody gap and hit the trail. We got off to a good start and only breaked a few times for water and a breather. I broke ahead and waited for the crew at Jarrard Gap. I ate my hickory smoked tuna. Which is damn good and put on some moleskin for my blisters. Everyone pulled up and we prepared to hit Blood Mountain, the second highest point on the Appalachian Trail. Now I'm sure its a combination of things but for some reason the hike up blood wasn't as hard as some make it to be. We were up pretty quick snapped some pictures and then started to head down to get into Neel Gap. Now the descent from Blood is what was harsh if anything, a lot of rock and a lot of steep decline. My knees are felling it haha. We hiked into Neel at about 5:45 right before the store closed. We grabbed some quick food and now are camped right up Levelland Mountain so we can shoot back into Neel tomorrow and get a pack shake down and pick up some supplies. Actually might just skip the shakedown seeing as we kinda already know what we need and want that time to hike. As of now I'm laying in my hammock right above Nicks hammock. Got the rain fly up,and chilling in my sleeping bag. Its balls cold outside but I'm pretty toasty. Meet a lot of awesome thru hikers today, and just people day hiking. Tomorrow we are hiking to low gap shelter. In total we have done 40.5 miles.looking Forward to tomorrow. Now I need to get some rest for the long day tomorrow. Live long and prosper.

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